We are krea[K]tiv

An initiative for freelance artists in music theatre/opera.
Our Inner Circle includes singers, musical performers, directors, coaches, an opera agent, a cultural manager, and a lawyer.

What do we do?

Lobbying in trade unions and politics.
Create alliances between artists, agencies, and various cultural institutions.
Launching research and ensuring a broad exchange of information.
Provide a forum for students and young professionals to get krea[K]tively involved in shaping their professional future.

What do we want?

An association of freelancers who work in solidarity to improve the living and working situation of artists.
Clear perception and visibility of the professional profiles of theatre professionals by politics and society.

What have we already achieved?

What are we striving for in the future?



The InnerCircle

Burkhard Fritz

I AM a Heldentenor who shows his voice and face here off stage.
I AM NOT perfect.
I CAN analyze and prioritize contexts and familiarize myself quickly with new areas of interest.
I CANNOT do everything.
I WANT a good future for music theater/opera and those who work in it.
I DO NOT WANT to put up with everything anymore.


Magdalena Weingut

I AM dynamic, positive, enthusiastic.
I AM NOT quick to get down, adapt, or someone who gives up quickly.
I CAN convince, motivate, be very creative, tell stories.
I CANNOT be quiet, keep still, stand still.
I WANT TO always get what I want, move forward, change, re-think, do things differently.
I DO NOT WANT to lose, to give up, to have to fight alone.



Sabine Hartmannshenn

I AM curious, creative, future-oriented, flexible.
I AM NOT authoritative, fickle, fearful, indifferent.
I CAN be humorous, enjoy my work, be generous.
I CANNOT be racist, homophobic, or exclusionary; put up with grievances.
I WANT to continue working in my profession; to have representation for all artists so that we are heard in politics.
I DO NOT want to watch the destruction of the diversity of our cultural sector.


Eleonore Marguerre

I AM optimistic, hands-on, and full of ideas.
I CANNOT be brought down.
I CAN organize, inspire and create.
I CANNOT stand quietly by and watch how culture and us artists are treated.
I WANT TO educate our entire sector and give them the means to be active.
I DO NOT want to be the decorative element with which politics adorns itself, but part of our democratic culture of life.

Wolfgang Schwaninger

I AM still a singer and also a lawyer.
I AM NOT prepared to accept the working conditions of many theater workers.
I CAN mediate.
I CAN NOT just talk.
I WANT to build bridges.
I DO NOT WANT lazy compromises and excuses.


Ulla Hesse von den Steinen

I AM motivated! And a singer, actress, coach, and last but not least, a mediator
I AM NOT too pessimistic to become active and help shape the future of musical theater.
I CAN half-do a lot of things; some things very well – above all, I CAN think fast!
I CANNOT keep still.
I WILL believe in intelligent creative processes where decisions are made by competence.
I DO NOT want culture to be misunderstood as a „fuss“, a luxury for good times. Culture is food!

Christian Miedl

I AM empathetic, open to new ideas and people, curious.
I AM NOT sedentary.
I CAN be enthusiastic and very patient.
I CANNOT stand injustice.
I sometimes WANT to do nothing – it just never works out….
I WILL NOT put up with German and European politics that do not understand the inestimable value of our culture.

Nathalie Senf

I AM thirsty for knowledge, reliable, persistent, and sometimes know-it-all.
I DON’T have my head in the clouds.
I CAN grasp and explain contexts, take myself back but also push ahead.
I CAN’T know everything or remain on the sidelines.
I WANT to promote our art and culture as well as a democracy through better networking of professionals in culture, administration, and politics.
I DO NOT want to be idle.

Tijl Faveyts

I AM reliable, diplomatic, open-minded
I AM NOT willing to give up my love of theater
I CAN listen, have a discreet and trusting conversation, work solution-oriented
I CAN’T change the world on my own, but I believe strongly that we can move things together.
I WANT to be there for everyone, make my contribution and find solutions in compromise
I DO NOT want that one day the world will wake up without art and therefore I would like to put myself on the line for good working conditions in the cultural sector.