We are
krea[K]tiv Jeunesse

Standing up for fairness, equality and community!

This is krea[K]tiv Jeunesse – we are part of krea[K]tiv – musiktheater stands up e.V. – particularly for students and newcomers to the profession. It is our goal to create a community that prioritizes trust, communication, and support amongst each other. We stand up for solidarity, fairness, change, and of course our passion for music. Sounds good to you? Join us and become a member!

You’ll get benefits such as:

Let’s dissolve all competitive vibes and create a new future for Opera and any form of Musical Theatre! Do you have any questions or ideas? Just contact our organization team.

We are looking forward to meeting you!

Marlene, Marie, Felicia, Amanda, Merlind and Marlene


Jeunesse Inner Circle

Amanda Becker

I AM preferably surrounded by warmth.
I AM NOT white.
I CAN if I want to!
I CANNOT understand how conservative and how non politically aware opera business is today.
I WANT to inspire.
I DO NOT WANT to be silent.

Felicia Brembeck

I AM a soprano, author, cabaret artist and slam poet.
I am also a feminist, an activist, a teacher, a fanatical music lover and a bundle of energy
I AM NOT boring.
I CAN motivate, listen, get loud, network, social media, sing, play, write, think, organise and spread good vibes.
And if that were ever relevant, I know Ancient Greek too.
I AM NOT so good at saying no, remembering the way and anything with numbers is not my thing either.
I WANT to get a foothold in this wonderful professional field of opera and share my passion with as many people as possible. I want to connect with others who love what I love and actively work to ensure that we become more and more and that there are no more barriers that make it unnecessarily difficult for people because of gender, origin, class or skin colour.
I DO NOT WANT to stay silent when there is so much we can change together!

Marie Sofie Jakob

I AM a coloratura soprano who uses her head not only for resonance.
I AM NOT only a singer but furthermore, I have a Podcast in cooperation with Marlene Metzger called „Die Enkelinnen der Oper“ in which we talk about the world of opera and classical singing.
I CAN be funny and critical at the same time.
I CANNOT only think for myself.
I WANT the world to change – more acceptance and equality.
I DON’T WANT to fight alone

Marlene Metzger

I AM a young singer and „Enkelin der Oper“
I AM NOT passive.
I CAN convince with my passions.
I CAN NOT accept unreasonable traditions.
I WANT music.
I DO NOT WANT to tolerate injustice.


Merlin Pohl

I AM the bad conscience of anyone, who does not care about his own structural abuse and exploitation of other human beings in a precarious situation.
I AM NOT satisfied with the current situation.
I CAN do a lot. But together we could do even more.
I CAN NOT stand it when everyone remains silent.
I WANT to feel appreciated and secure in my daily work.
I DO NOT WANT us to grudge shun each other or let each other suffer.