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The professional association by and for freelance artists
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⦿ Expose grievances and take decisive countermeasures.
⦿ Give a voice to freelance artists in the music theatre field.
⦿ Develop fair, uniform minimum standards for contracts of the future.
⦿ Cooperation with existing collective bargaining partners, unions, agencies, and cultural institutions.
⦿ International networking and co-founding of an EU umbrella organization.
⦿ Solidarity among all partners to improve the legal working conditions and social security of music theater freelancers.
⦿ Implenting culture as fundamental value into the constitution
⦿ Encourage all artists and creative people to stand up for their rights.




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5. Dezember 2022
Autor: Susanne Petridis

For members only  (become a member now)

How to successfully record an audition video
place: digital (Zoom)
date: 10/12/2022
time: 14.30pm – 16.30pm

We’re happy to present a very practical December workshop to you: This time we’ll learn how to record and edit our own audition videos.
Audition videos are important to all singers these days, as they are needed in nearly every application process in order to be selected for live auditions.
Sound engineer Sebastian Kienel from Hochschule für Musik und Theater München will explain to us from a technical angle what is needed exactly to create our own recordings in sufficient quality. He will step by step lead us through the whole process of the actual recording session, the necessary equipment and how to deal with it, and how to edit your recording afterwards to receive a file ready to send or upload online.
A workshop to enable you to deal with the recording process at ease and give you the opportunity to focus on what actually matters: Singing and presenting yourself artistically the way you wish.
Register quickly and be there!

You’re interested? Great!

Please sign up by writing us a short email to until Friday, 9h of November. We will send you the link for the meeting the same evening.
Please note that the main lecture in this workshop will be held in German.

You’re also welcome to join later, leave earlier or stay afterwards for a discussion with the other participants.

We’re looking forward to welcome you at our next workshop!

The Jeunesse Workshop Team


19. Januar 2022
Autor: Eleonore Marguerre

It’s summer and you’ve just finished your master’s degree in Berlin. Theater and music are your life and now you want to get started – whether as a musician, singer, or director. Of course, you’ve been to many theatre performances and have already gathered many impressions, perhaps you’ve even done some work as a freelancer at the theatre – unpaid, of course. What are you going to do?

26. Juni 2021
Autor: Uscha Hesse von den Steinen

Art opens up spaces in which ideas, reflections and emotions can be developed and negotiated.
Spaces for all of society!

19. April 2021
Autor: Sabine Hartmannshenn

(„Diary“: without claim to completeness. Freedom of the imagination. Scraps of thoughts. Any resemblance to allegedly real scenes is purely coincidental).

Presentation of the concept (Konzeptionsgespräch). These introductions are important. But I don’t like them!