krea[K]tiv - musiktheater stands up
The initiative by and for freelance artists
in music theater


⦿ Expose grievances and take decisive countermeasures.
⦿ Give a voice to freelance artists in the music theatre field.
⦿ Develop fair, uniform minimum standards for contracts of the future.
⦿ Cooperation with existing collective bargaining partners, unions, agencies, and cultural institutions.
⦿ International networking and co-founding of an EU umbrella organization.
⦿ Solidarity among all partners to improve the legal working conditions and social security of music theater freelancers.
⦿ Implenting culture as fundamental value into the constitution
⦿ Encourage all artists and creative people to stand up for their rights.




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19. Januar 2022
Autor: Eleonore Marguerre

It’s summer and you’ve just finished your master’s degree in Berlin. Theater and music are your life and now you want to get started – whether as a musician, singer, or director. Of course, you’ve been to many theatre performances and have already gathered many impressions, perhaps you’ve even done some work as a freelancer at the theatre – unpaid, of course. What are you going to do?

26. Juni 2021
Autor: Uscha Hesse von den Steinen

Art opens up spaces in which ideas, reflections and emotions can be developed and negotiated.
Spaces for all of society!

19. April 2021
Autor: Sabine Hartmannshenn

(„Diary“: without claim to completeness. Freedom of the imagination. Scraps of thoughts. Any resemblance to allegedly real scenes is purely coincidental).

Presentation of the concept (Konzeptionsgespräch). These introductions are important. But I don’t like them!

13. Januar 2021
Autor: Nicola Beller Carbone

In April 2020, I joined the board of the Spanish union for opera artists „ALE“, where I was responsible for international affairs. My deep conviction was and still is, that we need to create a common European legal basis to protect all opera and theater workers.