Our Working Groups

In order to manage our work efficiently, we have divided the InnerCircle into working groups. Every member is free to choose in which working group he or she would like to participate in order to make the best possible contribution according to his or her own competences. Or you feel the need to familiarise yourself with new topics.
In that case, too, you are warmly welcome to join any working group. Our work is transparent and team-oriented.

If you are already a member and would like to get more involved, you are cordially invited to contact us!
If not, we look forward to welcoming you as a member soon.

The working group deals with the clarification of legal questions on the topics of collective agreements, guest/work contracts and social security that arise in everyday theatre life for festivals and freelancers.
On this basis, we develop proposals for improvement and seek targeted dialogue with agency representatives, the stage association, political decision-makers and other interest groups, such as the stage association, GDBA, GMD conference, Deutscher Kulturrat, and others.

Hedwig Fassbender
Cornelie Isenbürger
Burkhard Fritz
Eleonore Marguerre
Wolfgang Schwaninger,
Nathalie Senf

The WG „Rheingold“ takes care of everything that concerns the topic of money and finances:

The association account and balance which is managed by our treasurer „Alberich“ Christian Miedl together with the two chairmen.
Researching and submitting funding applications.
Creating Ideas for crowdfunding and other fundraising activities.

Burkhard Fritz
Uscha Hesse von den Steinen
Eleonore Marguerre
Christian Miedl
Magdalena Weingut


The WG International is our open view beyond our own nose.

What is the situation in our neighboring countries?
How are artists in other countries dealing with the pandemic?
What is in their contracts?
Where are the similarities, where are the differences?
How and in which topics can we learn from each other?

This multicultural, regular, and transparent think tank and the will to initiate a solidary transformation in Opera on a European level is a central concern of krea[K]tiv.

Nicola Beller Carbone
Eleonore Maguerre
Magdalena Weingut
Tijl Faveyts


We take care of internal and external communication.
We do public relations.
We design campaigns.
We promote transformation in order to build a strong opera world.
We promote an open and strong music theater around us. 
How do we do that?
Colorful, vibrant, diverse, competent and confident!

Susanne Petridis
Sabine Hartmannshenn
Ursula Hesse von den Steinen
Magdalena Weingut

We look after students and young professionals under 30.
We network and support each other.
We organise workshops and the „Open Jeunesse“ regulars‘ table.
We moderate the forum „Jeunesse Backstage“ and exchange ideas there.
We are active on Instagram.
We bring in our young voices, stand for change, solidarity
and courage – and fight for issues that are more important to our generation.
We do this empathetically, in solidarity, fearlessly and with a lot of creativity!

Amanda Becker
Felicia Brembeck
Marlene Gaßner
Marie Sofie Jacob
Marlene Metzger
Merlind Pohl

Contact person Inner Circle:
Hedwig Fassbender
Uscha Hesse von den Steinen
Cornelie Isenbürger
Nicola Beller Carbone