krea[K]tiv – jeunesse workshop CANCELLED! (will be caught up) Introduction to intimacy coordination with Florian Federl, actor, intimacy coordinator and fight choreographer, Saturday May 13

Erstellt am: 24. April 2023
Autor: Nicola Beller Carbone
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krea[K]tiv – jeunesse workshop

Introduction to intimacy coordination
What is behind this term?


With Florian Federl, actor, intimacy coordinator and fight choreographer.
Second board member of the professional association Intimacy Coordination and Fight Choreography e. V.


Saturday, 13 May 14:30-16:30 PM

ONLY FOR MEMBERS (become a member quickly)

where: digital (Zoom)
on: 13.05.2023
when: 2:30 – 4:40 PM

Florian will present Facts@Basics in his workshop!

„Working in a positive and non-judgemental climate helps to push one’s boundaries wide and move forward together in a productive way.
The tools I bring help to tell the stories and characters the way we want them to be told.
Consensual check-ins, clear choreographies, open communication and other tools help all participants to let go even further in the process and to dive even deeper into their artistic work.
In this way we create intense images together and satisfied and healthy artists.

With my work I help to tell intimate moments in a consensual and safe way for all participants.
For working together in „brave space“.
In front of and behind the camera.
On and off stage.“

Time for questions is planned as always.
We look forward to seeing you!

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The zoom link will be sent by e-mail on the evening of 12 May.

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