krea[K]tiv – jeunesse Workshop- „on dialogue“ with Jackie Reardon, founder of #friendlyeyes, Open communication / Wise use of time / Finding mentors. Saturday,11 March

Erstellt am: 21. Februar 2023
Autor: Nicola Beller Carbone
Kategorie: News

FOR MEMBERS ONLY (join quickly)
where: digital (Zoom)
on: 11.03.2023
when: 2 – 3 p.m, common attunement and preliminary discussion from 1.30 p.m

Open communication / Wise use of time / Finding mentors

We are overjoyed to welcome Jackie Reardon to our workshop series now for the third time.  Jackie would like to discuss topics that focus on our jeunesse in the form of an open discussion session. As is often the case, we feel that it is difficult to let go of insecurities, inhibitions and barriers and to talk about these issues and doubts we have with each other. Fears and sorrows could be better dealt with by a greater ability to talk to each other. We will also be visiting the issue of „time“. As we read in the Lamento – campaign, many people perceive an invisible „ticking clock“ as a recurring pressure. For this and many other things, mentors can play an important role. But how do I find them?

Is there a system to recognise the right people for us and if so, how do I go about approaching these people?

Mental preparation for the kreaKtiv – Friendly Eyes workshop:

To make the most of your time with Jackie Reardon, we ask that you start the Experience course if you have not yet done it. The Observe course is made for advanced meditators, only sign up for Observe if you have completed the Experience course.  Start Experience or Observe at least 2 weeks before the workshop.

EXPERIENCE course (meditation course) – based on donations
OBSERVE (course life lessons through understanding meditation)  – based on donation
Observe should only be done by those who have previously completed Experience.
DISCOVER (concentration course) –  is a paid course that individuals and organisations use to start on the journey of inner growth.

Please register at by Friday 10 March at the latest with the subject line: „Jackie Reardon-on dialogue“.

The zoom link will be sent by e-mail on 10 March.
To make this a really great session, your thoughts can make the difference.
What are your specific questions for Jackie?  Share them with us by sending an e-mail to


Jackie Reardon is not only a shining figurehead of our workshops, but also a great enrichment for all people. That’s why we are giving three non-members of our association the chance to win a place at the workshop in an Instagram competition. Make your friends and colleagues aware of this opportunity!

We look forward to seeing you!
Your workshop team