#shortcuts: Our youTube channel

Erstellt am: 13. Januar 2021
Autor: Susanne Petridis
Kategorie: Campaigns

Apart from our Facebook group and Facebook page, „krea[K]tiv – musiktheater stands up“ also has a YouTube channel in German called #shortcuts. With our video tutorials, we pass on our knowledge and experience on different topics. You will find advice on important information about i.e. unemployment benefits or the legal situation on Corona clauses in your contracts. Our interview partners are experienced legal advisors, renowned agents, fellow campaigners, and/or musicians. The information does not replace legal advice but can support it.

Here you can find a small part of our video library in German – the full extent is on our YouTube channel.
We are happy if these suggestions help you and are grateful for every like, comment, and sharing of the videos.
It would also be great if we could get your input and questions – they may be useful for our entire community. You can support our work by becoming a member of our association and by following us on social media.
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What are the important deadlines after the cancellation of a contract?

What is the positive outcome of a lawsuit against a theatre?

Why is artistic freedom part of the German constitution?

Why join a trade union as an opera person in Germany?

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