Don’t leave your rights at the border!

Erstellt am: 28. Juni 2021
Autor: Susanne Petridis
Kategorie: News

krea[K]tiv-musiktheater stands up e.V. is co-founder of the LyriCoalition and the website is finally ONLINE!
LyriCoalition is a European network, discussion forum and representative for freelancers in the world of opera.
Through the close networking of its member associations, LyriCoalition is able to bring together artists of any country with the member associations of their respective places of work.
The aim of LyriCoalition is to improve working conditions for opera artists at European level and to monitor serious contractual irregularities.
LyriCoalition puts internationally active artists in contact with the respective member associations, offers information, contact possibilities and a sympathetic ear for a wide range of legal and administrative questions.
LyriCoalition wants to be a beacon for all those who cannot resign themselves to the absence of art.
Culture must reclaim its rightful place!
Artists will return to the stage to share music, energy and joy with their audiences.
Thank you to the wonderful web designer mezzo-soprano Julie Robard-Gendre,
who has volunteered to do this programming.

Other founding members of LyriCoalition:

Assolirica Italy

ALE Spain

Stimm-ig Austria

Unisson France

Scenochfilm Sweden

UAS Belgium