krea [K] tiv will be Bühnenheld*in 2020

Erstellt am: 3. Dezember 2020
Autor: Susanne Petridis
Kategorie: News

We are very happy about our first award!

In the midst of the gloomy November lockdown, krea[K]tiv – musiktheater stands up e.V. received the first official appreciation of our tireless immense voluntary work. This recognition gives us an enormous boost and encourages us to continue our way to success. Here you can listen to the German laudatory speech during the award ceremony.
„Bühnenheld*innen 2020“ is an award of the German Federal Association of Independent Performing Arts (Fonds der Darstellenden Künste).
We say thank you and are proud of everything we have already achieved in such a short time.

„musiktheater stands up!“

„krea[K]tiv – musiktheater stands up, represented by Burkhard Fritz and Magdalena Weingut is Bühnenheld (stage hero) 2020. The two of them and their team have worked proactively by founding krea[K]tiv – musiktheater stands up, by drawing attention to the legal and general social and political situation of self-employed workers in opera. They have pointed out the social evils that became evident during Corona times and have encouraged them to stand up for more fairness in the daily life of the opera business. Not only have they supported the individual artists but also established connections to agencies, theater management and unions, as well as to international unions.

Thank you – you have earned the title “Bühnenheld” (stage hero) because you kept a cool head in these difficult times!“