krea[K]tiv – jeunesse Workshop / discussion round: The “perfect” audition Saturday on 08.10.2022

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krea[K]tiv – jeunesse
Discussion round
The “perfect” audition

Guests among others:
Cornelie Isenbürger (Singer and long-standing staff councillor at the Bielefeld Theatre)
Christian Studler (Lecturer and specialised in audition training) 

Saturday 08th of October at 2.30pm – 4pm

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The “perfect” audition

place: digital (Zoom)
date: 08/10/2022
time: 2.30pm – 4.00pm


Before we move on to part 2 of the dry but fun facts and figures about the stage profession on 12 November, there is another topic on the agenda in October: the „perfect“ audition.
We are also trying out a new format: an open discussion round with input from guests and a knowledge base prepared by us.


The “perfect” audition.


First we are going to present how auditions are organized and how they are conducted today. What can happen from the announcement to the moment of holding-the-doorknob-to-the-audition-room? Therefore we use information from theatres and people who are holding auditions on a regular basis.


In the second part of our disussion round we are going to ask the question if auditions can truly be fair? Which mechanisms are there and which do we still need? For this topic we invited guests, who can tell us about their experiences of being a member of a jury and how they try to create fairness. After that we have an open talk where we are very interested to hear about your ideas about the perfect audition.

(Disclaimer: Whenever we talk about fairness in auditions, we must see the bigger picture of racism. In respect of the size of this big topic we are going to organize an own workshop soon.)

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Please note that the main lecture in this discussion round will be held in german.

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