krea[K]tiv – jeunesse Workshop
The ZAV, an artist’s career support:
What’s its job, how does it work?
Saturday 12th November

Erstellt am: 28. Oktober 2022
Autor: Susanne Petridis
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The ZAV, a singer’s first career support
place: digital (Zoom)
date: 12/11/2022
time: 14.30pm – 16.30pm

In November we present to you a workshop with most qualified guests and a topic very close to the everyday life of opera singers: We’re talking about the  ZAV,  an artist agency that is connected to the employment agency.

Axel Mendrok from the ZAV office Cologne will introduce us to the work and tasks of the various areas of the ZAV. Afterwards he is going to answer your questions, supported by krea[k]tiv founding member, singer and agent Hedwig Fassbender. Especially for young singers and professionals, the ZAV holds great opportunities to support us on our way into theatre professions. We are particularly pleased to be able to offer this important workshop right before the audition season.

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Please sign up by writing us a short email to until Thursday, 10th of November. We will send you the link for the meeting on 11th of November.
Please note that the main lecture in this workshop will be held in German.

You’re also welcome to join later, leave earlier or stay afterward for a discussion with the other participants.

All of our workshops are being recorded and will be provided to rewatch on the Jeunesse Forum later.

We’re looking forward to welcome you to our next workshop!

The Jeunesse Workshop Team